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The Smurf a 1964 GMC Truck
1964 GMC List of Parts


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1964 GMC List of Parts

Here is the List of all the parts I am buying for the GMC over the next 9 months. I plan on having all of these items together before I send the truck to the body shop for painting and interior work. I plan on finishing the frame first, then engine and drive train. Last of the body will be restored and all the interior items I have purchased will be installed.

Interior Parts:

Door Panels                                                Rod Doors

Headliner                                                   Rod Doors

Console                                                       Custom

Seats                                                             1994 Suburban Power Buckets

Carpet                                                         Rez Engineering

Air conditioning                                       Vintage Air

Under dash dress up                                 Rod Doors

Vent Drop Downs                                     Rod Doors

steering column cover                             Rod Doors

Steering column                                       Ididit

Floor and Firewall kit                           Chevy Duty

Power windows                                        Chevy Duty

Door seal kit                                             Chevy Duty

window switches                                      Auto Loc

glove box kit                                            Chevy Duty

door sill plates                                         Chevy Duty

Motor Parts:

water Pump                                              Advance Auto

Alternator                                                Advance Auto

Power Steering Pump                            Advance Auto

Valve Covers                                           Advance Auto

fuel pump                                                 Advance Auto

exhaust manifolds                                 Advance Auto

exhaust system:                                      Daves Texaco

radiator                                                   Chevy Duty or Griffin Radiator 

radiator shroud                                      Chevy Duty

electric fans                                             Advance Auto

Distributor                                               Advance Auto

MPFI Fuel injection                             Affordable Fuel Injection

Tranny Parts:

TCI Computer                                         Summit Racing

Linkages                                                   Lokar

Flexible Dipstick                                    Lokar

Electrical Parts:

Painless wiring harness                        Chevy Duty

GMC Harness                                         Chevy Duty

Dome light                                               Chevy Duty

front harness                                           Chevy Duty

guage harness                                         Chevy Duty

parklamp harness                                  Chevy Duty

headlamp harness                                  Chevy Duty

rear taillamp harness                            Chevy Duty

front Taillamp harness                         Chevy Duty

heater harness                                        Chevy Duty

wiper motor harness                             Chevy Duty

alt conversion                                        Chevy Duty

Body Parts:

Cab Corners                                           Chevy Duty

Front fender                                           Chevy Duty

radiator support 

front bed panel                                       Chevy Duty

front bumper 

rear bumper                                            Chevy Duty

Rechrome chrome winowdow trim    El Paso Chrome shop

Bed Parts:

Floor Kit                                                 Chevy Duty

tail lamp lenses                                     Chevy Duty

Stereo System:

Deck  Pioneer cd/mp3

Equalizer Pioneer 14 band


Front Component Rockford 3 way component

Subwoofer infinity powered sub

Rear Speakers infinity kappa

rear speaker housing q logic angled

Amplifier  Autobahn 6 channel

Installation Amp Kit Rockford Fosgate 4 guage

Frame and Suspension:

Brake work                                           Midas Brake and Muffler

Brake lines custom                             Fine Lines

Rear Axle finshed                               DriveTrain Specialists

Driveline                                               Drivetrain Specialists

Dash Parts:

Hanline Dash insert                            Haneline

Guage Kit                                              Auto Meter Golden Oldies

Window Wiper Switch                       Chevy Duty

Light Switch                                         Chevy Duty

Horn Relay                                           Chevy Duty

Cigarette lighter                                 Chevy Duty

Body Work                     Pat Grays Body Work

Rims and Tires               Discount Tire

Neeper RimsTrex            Discount Tire