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60's GMC Trucks Webring by Sean Wolff
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Hello and welcome to my site dedicated to 1960 - 1966 GMC pickup trucks.
This website is devoted to several of my interests that I am involved in. The primary one being the complete frame up restoration and modification to my 1964 GMC 3/4 ton pickup I bought several years ago.  I got married last year to someone that doesn't mind the old beast in the garage. She evens says I may keep my truck LOL. But alas money problems always seems to crop up so maybe another 3-4 years before this ole truck is back up to specs and on the road.....

My name is Sean Wolff and I live out in Plano, Tx . I moved up here from west texas where many of these interesting old beasties can be found. I am a member in the 1960- 1966 GMC yahoo web group and a member of pickups n panels of north texas. This group discusses the fine point of these great pickup trucks that are becoming hard to find in reasonably restorable shape. I hope you enjoy the site and come to be interested in these particular trucks. Pickups n panels has a website that can be websearched pretty easily on the WWW. Also there is a 1960-1966 GMC webpage run by Jolly Goodfellow that has alot of excellent information for those that like their trucks mildly modified and near original condition.



On this site you will find pictures of the modifications done to the truck along with updated progress on the restoration of this truck. I will also be soon adding a good deal of web links for anyone interested in parts hunting for these trucks and of course the chevy trucks as well.