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For the heart of the truck I have a machine shop here locally building me a 454 BB engine which when completely decked out is going to run me about 6000$ total with all of the components I have picked for it. They are building it up to be a decent engine at one horse per cubic inch, which will get the truck around nicely.
The transmission I havent quite decided upon yet. I am trying to decide between a 4l80e or a 700r4 both are overdrives and have an advantage and disadvantage to both of em. The 700r4 will give me more bottom end off the line boost and the 4l80 more top end speed. tough decision LOL.
The axle is being rebuilt currently by a drive train shop here locally. They are replacing the original trac loc system with a newer model that is about 25% stronger than the original units produced in the option axles used in these trucks. The axle itself is a dana 60 heavy duty unit and they are going to build a custom 6 inch drive line with a reinforced center carrier bearing and extreme duty 1350 u joints from the semi style trucks.
I also plan to add ladder bars to the rear leafs due to the torque multiplication effect of the transmission and gears set being used in the axle. The gears are the original 4.56 gears that were stock for the truck. I am not expecting miracles in gas mileage even with overdrive, but, it will make the truck fairly agile in getting going from a dead stop without too much heavy pedal.



Below are some pictures of the rear axle before and after the rebuild was done. Again the powder coating was worth it for only 45$. Couldnt get a paint shop to do it for that much. That and the powder coating lasts much longer than paint ever hopes to.







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