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Frame Powder Coating pictures
Body Photos
Power Brakes and Power steering conversions
Engine and Drivetrain
Interior Ideas and Designs
60-66 GMC weblinks
1964 GMC List of Parts
Old GMC Trucks
60-66 GMC weblinks

Here are a few of the weblinks I have picked up that specialize in stock or modified restoration of the GMC trucks. Also here are some web pages that other people have created regarding these trucks.

1960- 1966 GMC Yahoo web groups

Jolly's GMC website one of the best web resources on the GMC trucks and models

Classic car nection : excellent resource links for parts, trucks for sale, and many other good links

Chevy Duty

Rod Doors: custom interior parts for classic trucks and rods

Golden State Pickup Parts

Brothers Trucks Parts resources

American Classic Parts

Visit the 60's GMC Ring's Home Page!
60's GMC trucks by Sean Wolff
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