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The Smurf

This website is devoted to several of my interests that I am involved in. The primary one being the complete frame up restoration and modification to my 1964 GMC 3/4 ton pickup I bought several years ago. I got married to someone that doesn't mind the old beast in the garage. She evens says I may keep my truck LOL. But alas money problems always seems to crop up so maybe another 3-4 years before this ole truck is back up to specs and on the road.....

My name is Sean Wolff and I live out in Plano, Tx . I moved up here from west texas where many of these interesting old beasties can be found. I am a member of pickups n panels of north texas. This group discusses the fine point of these great pickup trucks that are becoming hard to find in reasonably restorable shape. I hope you enjoy the site and come to be interested in these particular trucks. Pickups n panels has a website that can be websearched pretty easily on the WWW. Also there is a 1960-1966 GMC webpage run by Jolly Goodfellow that has alot of excellent information for those that like their trucks mildly modified and near original condition.