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This small page is dedicated to a 1966 Suburban custom I am getting home very soon from a junkyard. The front frame is totalled but I have plans to drop the body or I should say cab and rear section onto a newer 4x4 frame that I hope to purchase with my tax return very soon. I have managed to aquire replacement doors since all the ones that were on it are missing :(. But I have a new set of rear doors that need some tlc and a set of front doors that are in decent shape. i have plans to use a few parts from this burb on my GMC truck. The Items that are going to the GMC are the factory a/c system, factory power brake booster and a rear chrome bumper.  I plan to remove the original body and clip mounting brackets and attach them to the newer 4x4 frame and use it to get the truck going. The body has a few cosmetic defects, dents and a rust section. Even tho these are there I am planning to fix the damaged areas as best I can and get it looking decent since I am hip deep in one project already and am forcing myself to wait on this old cruiser for a while. Below are some pictures of the doors I have aquired for the truck/suv.










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