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June Galveston Beach Party

Band on the Sand June 22nd Weekend saturday 8 am to whenever we pass out :D


We are trying for a June the 22nd beach party on east beach in galveston during the band on the sand weekend. Hosted by Wolff_98 and KirbyLil20.
Take I 45 south to galveston, when ya reach galveston follow 45 , 45 turns into broadway follow broadway to 6th street. Pass the 6th street light and turn left. You will see a mc donalds in front of you must go past these landmarks. Next to Mcdonalds is stewart beach. The first light is holiday drive pass it and and go past ferry road light. And there are three entrances to the beach.  Go to the third beach entrance for east beach. You will see a stop light which is the second entrance to the beach. The third street has a stop sign with red hazard lights. After that the landmarks are a baja restaruant on the left and a bait shop  to the right. Follow that road to the right to the gate. There is a 5 dollar parking fee to go in.
Bring Canned beer or platic bottled beer please, Or a cooler full of beer.  Be careful about mixed drinks keep it out of sight.  Please be reasonable.
Other things Hopefully some people can some up with of yourself are:
Chairs and a couple of pavillion style tents. Sun Screen is an absolute must :P unless ya like looking like a boiled lobster. Bathing suits skimpy revealing hiding whatever floats yer boat.
Also kirby will bring a barbecue if anyone will volunteer to throw in some meat to cook on it. Please everyone try and bring at least one item. Let me and kirby know what you can bring so we can get everyone to bring something different.
Kirby and I will get in touch with Motel 6, Comfort Inn and Holiday inn to see if we can get a special rates fer all of us chatters.  Will give details as soon as they come in. 
Please RSVP if you are coming to either Myself or Kirby Links below

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