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Below you can see the future and final engine after much decision rethinking and fretting this one dropped into my hands perfect and doesnt need much at all to make it go into the truck and down the road. It is an L92 and 6l80e out of a half sized escalade here in plano texas. The auto shop that had it thought nice engine lets put in my 2003 tahoe lol. NOT!!!!!! Different engine controls, harness, and computer. So after some dickering with him talked him down to 1000$ and let me pay it out. Well now here she is on my garage floor ready to be stripped and cleaned of runied wires and emissions bs stuff I wont need anymore :P. Thanks to the texas DMV my truck is emissions exempt due to its age plus the fact it didnt have any emissions and that is all they require on an engine swap factory emmissions or better lol.






above is the lokar shifter I am working on modifying to fit the 6l80e transmission. I am waiting on the 2wd tail casing for the trans to come in so I can finish the project up and have it ready to install here pretty quickly. Next weekend plans include stabbing the engine and trans into the truck and checking clearances on everything and seeing where the trans tail shaft lands so I can place the hole for the shifter to come through the floor board.


Below are some pictures of the rear axle before and after the rebuild was done. Again the powder coating was worth it for only 45$. Couldnt get a paint shop to do it for that little. That and the powder coating lasts much longer than paint ever hopes to.



Been looking over my options for a harness for this engine and have decided to go with Speartech. John has already answered many of my questions and I am sure I will have plenty more him in the near future. His harness setup with computer, transmission reprogram, and floor shifter with tap shift mode is in the range of 2k but worth every penny since then engine has VVT inside and can handle some sweeeeet camshafts that in a normal engine wouldnt be able to be driven down the street to the quickie mart lol.




Above is the new motor brackets I recieved yesterday afternoon. I am in the process of painting them atm and will have them on the engine and take some pictures of them once finished. Nice thing about them is I can slide the engine forward or back up to 2 inches for proper placement of  my engine :D.




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