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The Smurf a 1964 GMC Truck

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Frame Powder Coating pictures
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Here are some pictures of the frame I am finished working for my 1964 GMC truck.







The first pictures are how the frame looked before powdercoating...  The pictures next to the paragraph show how well the powder coat improves the frame and suspension components. These are being matched to the original paint that was on the truck when I first bought it and should be a nice contrast back and forth.  Have decided to stay with the 8 foot bed on the truck for I am planning the installation of a toolbox and 100 gal fuel cell for my hungry engine. Also after a few years apparently since the powdercoating was done there seems to be rust at the frame braces :(. Well honestly did not expect that but am going to settle with it for now.. Yall might consider tank acid dipping the frame before powdercoating your frame might save a little anguish in the end.  Email me and I can take some pictures of what happened for you. I found a company out in Ft Worth that does acid dipping of cabs, frames, and body panels will post their web link later when I can find it again.....

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