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The Smurf a 1964 GMC Truck


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Fuel Injection Wiring

Here we go another adventure in this long winded truck build :D.... After many hours of building my custom interior painless cab harness I decided as well as I am doing with that I will give a shot at the fuel injection wiring setup next..  Here we are the start of this next long road lol......


Above is the relay center for this whole shebang. I wired up four seperate relays for each of the needed circuits. Brendans websites shows a simpler relay setup for this but I figured I might as well keep things as factory as possible to lessen the amount of programming this unit is going to need.


Above you can see the whole assembly mounted in place. LOL Instead of paying 20 some odd bucks at the dealership for the ecm plastic isolator mount i went to the local home depot looking for something that would work for my purposes and low and behold there it was.......... A toilet seat lid *chuckles* now I just need to figure a spot to add some of the kitchen sink into my truck lol.

Below you can see the initial layout I came up with for an intergrated assembly to mount on my floorboard in the truck. Looking at it and placing it in the truck it will mount at an agle from the floorboard. I will be building a centerconsole that will cover this whole assembly and hide it from site. I will add access panels to the front and both sides to get at the relays and fuses as I need for repairs at any time.




The information I used to start this process came from several places and I will list the links below of where I went to start puzzling out this process on the wiring mess I have here. built by Brendan. Awesome bit of info on a wide range of the harnesses available for these engines and how to set them up for stand alone running

Mitchell automotive part of snap on used this site to get the harness diagrams for my engine and a good bit of other wiring information as well