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The Smurf a 1964 GMC Truck

Old air installation and wiring
Old air installation and wiring
1969 Firebird
Custom wiring
Gas tank and Steering Cloumn
Custom Ideas on other trucks
Other Projects and Toys
Frame Powder Coating pictures
Body Photos
Power Brakes and Power steering conversions
Transmission and Engine
Fuel Injection Wiring
Interior layout
Insulation and Carpet
60-66 GMC weblinks
Rims and tires


Above is a picture of the old air products wiring schematics. Working with painless atm to get them merged together and working properly :D.



Above you can see the installed primary cooling heating assembly nice and compact so I can keep my wiring right where it is at :D. Painless has two wires in it harness for factory and one for aftermarket so the wiring is progressing satisfactorily will be finishing it up tommorrow morning.

Below you can see where I set the relay up in the cab since I have all my fuel injection relays inside I decided to keep the ac relay inside as well makes thing simpler when I need to service something.