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The Smurf a 1964 GMC Truck

60-66 GMC weblinks
Old air installation and wiring
1969 Firebird
Custom wiring
Gas tank and Steering Cloumn
Custom Ideas on other trucks
Other Projects and Toys
Frame Powder Coating pictures
Body Photos
Power Brakes and Power steering conversions
Transmission and Engine
Fuel Injection Wiring
Interior layout
Insulation and Carpet
60-66 GMC weblinks
Rims and tires

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60's GMC trucks by Sean Wolff
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Here are a few of the weblinks I have picked up that specialize in stock or modified restoration of the GMC trucks. Also here are some web pages that other people have created regarding these trucks.

Custom Parts and Accessories:

6 speeds rebuilder: Can convert to any vehicle featured in mustang magazine and chevy power based out of houston texas

G- Force Top notch Transmission T56 specialties

No Limit Engineering: lotsa custom parts

Walter Proper: Custom carburetor air cleaners

Doc's Kustoms: GMC Gauge panel reasonably priced

Top Koat: Aluminum powder coating

Rod Doors

Bed Wood n Parts: Custom woods available for any truck!!!! Some sweet stuff Cherry mahogany etc

Boese Engineering: 60-66 GMC dash panel available.

Haneline Products: Custom Gauges

Stewart Warner Guages and Instruments

Ididit Steering Columns

Ron Davis Radiator works: Nice combo packages for the 60-66 truck series

Factory Restoration Parts:

Brothers Trucks Parts resources

American Classic Parts

Dixie Truck Works

Harmon's Truck Parts

The Paddock


Langdon's Stovebolt: Knowledge base for I 6 Engines. One of the original design engineers on these engines.

A 1 Electric: Bolt in power windows

Painless Wiring Systems

Wabbits: Custom Wood interiors and dash panels

Disc Brake rear end conversions for 3/4 and 1 ton axles

Vintage Air Custom AC For classic Chevy's and GMC trucks.

Webgroups and resource Sites:

1960 - 1966 GMC Trucks By Jolly GoodFellow

Chevy Talk : Web Board Group on all Chevy's and GMC's

Pickups n Panels of north Texas good resource for any kind of chevy or gmc truck from 1972 on back

Custom Body work shops local to Dallas Texas:

Underground Customs of Dallas

Ungaro Custom Designs Fiberglass work

Cummins engine swap sites

Ford Cummins

Auto World of Montana


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