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The Smurf a 1964 GMC Truck

Gas tank and Steering Cloumn
Old air installation and wiring
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Gas tank and Steering Cloumn
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Frame Powder Coating pictures
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Power Brakes and Power steering conversions
Transmission and Engine
Fuel Injection Wiring
Interior layout
Insulation and Carpet
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Rims and tires

Well the factory camaro column did not work so hot... So I am going with an ididit column I picked up from summit racing. Will get some pictures posted of it soon.

Since the factory camaro column didnt work like I had intended it too I got the ididit column you see below and a grant mahogany steering wheel. I still have to get it aligned properly with the steering gear box on the truck frame. After the engine compartment is finished out and detailed I will be tackling this and the interior next up.




Below are some pictures of the tpi gauges I am using in the truck. Will be posting more pictures of the gauges and panel installation here very soon. Mainly waiting on electrical harness stuff to get to my door


The picture below gives you and idea how the 67-72 truck wiring harness from painless worked out. I couldn't put it near the factory location as I had hoped. B\Where it is now works out much much better. I am very pleased with how it is turning out. I will be getting after the underdash section with wire loom to detail it out here in the next few week :D. Also have to get the windshield wipers reassemebled and bolted back in place.


The monstrosity below is for all intents and purposes my answer to the 4.56 gas guzzler question lol. Also my wife will be on the troad here in a few more years and this tanks will definitely make gasing up expensive but less frequent. tThe tank came for a mack truck and I am working on getting feul lines together to mate it to the tpi engine.