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The Smurf a 1964 GMC Truck

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Will be showing on this page the customized wiring and locations for my trucks engine compartment and engine. This includes pictures of the computer brackets modified to fit the trucks wheel well.



Below is the beginning of the final mods to the painless fusebox not that I was ever worried about the warranty on the thing when perfection is at stake :P


Below you can see what I came up with for the harness connection under the dash panel. Worked out great left the ground and programming wires loose so I can route them to there respective spots.


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Above you can see the finished main harness fusebox and the changes to the wiring to make it as compact as possible to fit it into the origianl space in the truck.... must say after 40 some odd hours of work on this setup it is turning out beautiful


Above you can see the harness as it is nearing completion. I will have to add a few wires to the firewall plug to accommodate the new fuel injection wiring going in soon and a few more wires for the electric speedometer. other than that it is nearly finished. I think I am going to have to add 4 circuits into the forewall harness plug but nothing to it.

Above pictures will show some pictures of the harness I am going to use on this truck. I went with a painless wiring harness for a 67-72 chevy truck since it had the number of circuits I am going to need for the truck. I am placing the firwall harness entry behind the engine since I have plenty of space in which to work with this new engine I am installing :D.  Will post some more pictures after the holes are cut and place the wiring harness to show placement.