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Here will be showing my tpi engine installation with a 700r4 transmission behind the engine.... I got so far into the cummins engine and began to realize how much of a money pit it becomes to try and convert something that never had a cummins to that engine. So as they say I rethought my priorities and went back to a gasoline engine. So with craigslist handy started my hunt and the day my cummins sold off I went and picked up a 87 MAF TPI engine from a trans am. And now here we are lol :D.

Below is a picture of the 700r4 transmission that came with then engine when I bought it. After getting it installed I happened to notice that the entire engine and trans assembly was canted at almost 15 degrees towards the rear of the truck. so with a bunch of handy washer was able to get the assembly almost near level in the truck.  Looks like a block style spacer for the trans mount in the very near future I can see.


In the picture below you can see I have plenty of clearance on the fireweall and engine so dammed nice to be able to work behind my engine when the need arises... I did so by moving the motor brackets as far forward ads possible and snugging them down



in the pictre below you can see where I routed the tpi harness through the firewall. the hole was one from the factory that was big enough with the exception of the distributor esc harness which I regrafted back together after passin it through the hole :D.



Below are some shots of the engine as I was installing it. Those older engine mounts decided to be a pain in the tail by not lining up once everything was set into place but with a long crowbar leverage and alot of cussing we got em all bolted down into place. Tommorrows project is to get the engine to TDC and then redrop the distributor so it will be ready to fire once I have fuel and cooling in place. Which hopefully I can get enough hours at work to do so pretty quickly.